Environmental Policy

People are becoming increasingly concerned about the quality of their local environment and the effects that a damaged or poorly managed environment will have on their quality of life and their children's future.

We all need to play a part in finding local solutions to environmental problems, and that's why PC Flooring endeavours to work in partnership with its clients, the Local Authorities and the Environment Agencies in meeting and maintaining these environmental policies.

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PC Flooring aims to ensure that new projects incorporate assessments of potential environmental impacts and appropriate action is taken to keep any adverse impacts to a minimum. We will therefore consult on environmental issues prior to undertaking any work.


PC Flooring works with and actively encourages the involvement of our clients, other organisations and sub-contractors in implementing initiatives to protect and improve the environment. We are determined to ensure that environmental benefits are strengthened across the spectrum of our operations. We aim to be sensitive in our management of natural and heritage features associated with our work.


We aim to take a leading role in promoting best practice and developing environmental ideas. We endeavour to involve and encourage other organisations within our area of business to also promote the principles of sustainability.


PC Flooring operates a green purchasing policy using only goods and materials which can be manufactured used and disposed of in an environmentally sustainable way.  We seek to minimise emissions and reduce waste from our activities, where possible use less environmentally damaging fuels and discourage litter, graffiti and noise pollution. Waste reduction, reuse and recycling are key objectives.


We offer encouragement and support to clients, sub-contractors and staff working on construction projects, providing appropriate training and communications to improve environmental awareness and understanding.


We are continuously monitoring the environmental impacts of our services to help find ways to improve quality of life of people in the locality. Our environmental policies are regularly audited to ensure we comply fully with legal obligations are proactive in implementing new initiatives.